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Where did we get our fabric?

We aim to diversify our fabric offering, so we go all over India to seek our the very best and the most obsure types of fabric that are beautiful but not widely known about.

Some part of our fabric come from Mangaldas Market in India, is the fabric market. There are a lot of shops selling Indian fabrics and some that sell only cottons and more western prints.

Our experts in the fabrics travel in India to unearth the best fabric and always keep the best quality fabric in our store.

Where we found our textiles ?

We want to provide our customers good qualities textiles, that’s why we look for a lot of diferents suppliers. The most part of our suppliers are in the South of India cause it’s where the cotton grows most.

We’ve got about 20 textiles’ produtors which works with us, the most of them are in Tamil Nadu, an Indian region.

Some of our suppliers are located in Egypte and Vietnam. We takes only top-qualities textiles, made with noble materials like silk, cotton, flax.

Where are our fabrics ?

We’ve got 5 fabrics in total, distributes on severals countries. The factory was created in 1974 at San Diego in California so it was the first. 10 years later we were able to open 2 more fabrics in India this helped in suppliers contact.

2 years ago, we inaugurate to fabrics more. One in Mexico and the second in Egypte. We want to insist on the fact that our work’s conditions are not bad in our fabrics. We hereby certify that there are only adults and there are paid according to the autorized threshold.

Where we sell ?

First of all, we sell our products in the factory for lots orders. But we’ve 10 shops in the world :

1. Mumbai

2. Chennai

3. Londres

4. San Diego

5. Bordeaux

6. Ho Chi Minh

7. Mexico

8. Manhattan

9. Alexandrie

10. Tokyo

All these shops sell only our high-quality products, for more information you can find our e-mail address in our details.

You can find us soon in our online shop too. The website is being created, it publication will be effective in 2018. Until then, you can find us in our stores.

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